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Clavister Webinar

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Date(s) - 14.05.2019

Security Analytics – how to see your perimeter protection is working

How do you know your perimeter protection provides value for your investment, at all times? Networks behind the perimeter are typically environments that constantly change, new network devices and software that communicate over the network are deployed on a daily basis, which means that traffic through the perimeter change as well.

Security Analytics is a crucial component of a perimeter security solution as it can visualize these changes in communication behavior and provide information that allows network admins to keep the perimeter policies up-to-date and the network efficiency in line with expectations. Automated analytics of key metrics via anomaly detection offloads the task of manual monitoring from the network admins, allowing them to focus their time on the most critical tasks required to keep the network safe and efficient at all times.

In this webinar, Clavister experts will help you understand this exciting area of cybersecurity and help you know what to look for in an analytics system.

Presenters: Stefan Brodin, Clavister Commercial Solution Manager

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