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Clavister Webinar

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Date(s) - 11.06.2019

Encryption and threats – explain the need for endpoint and SSL inspection to combat threats

The percentage of web services using HTTPS to encrypt traffic is already exceeding 70%. Gartner predicts that 70% of all malware attacks in 2020 will be hidden in encrypted traffic.

To combat these threats, enterprises and IT administrations have to deploy protection on the endpoint or make sure to be able to decrypt the SSL traffic to perform deep scanning directly on the network. Compared to inspection of unencrypted traffic, SSL decryption drains performance of the firewall and the total amount of throughput decreases, leaving few resources available for inspection of other traffic.

In this webinar Clavister will give a presentation of the risk with not addressing encrypted traffic and demonstrate Clavisters solution for this, combining Clavister Endpoint Security Client and Clavister NetEye to address the situation as well as introduce the security challenges for cloud solutions or on-prem appliances.

Presenters: Andreas Byström, Clavister Product Manager Stream and Mattias Nordlund, Product Manager Enterprise

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