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Clavister Webinar

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Date(s) - 16.04.2019

The end of passwords? How 2019 will be the year of Identity Access Management

We use a multiplicity of passwords everyday to log onto our work and private lives. The problem is that we often use weak passwords, the same ones across different accounts and by doing this create a vulnerability even to our employers by exposing their network to attacks.

There is a better way: it’s called Identity Access Management and it will be a major wave of implementation as multi factor authentication, single sign on and identity federations will be a demand for workplaces, for accessing government services and banking and a desire by consumers to protect their identity.

In this webinar, Clavister’s IAM experts will give an overview of the subject as well as pitfalls and the challenges of this exciting new technology.

Presenters: Tommy Alström, PhenixID Product Manager and Johan Dalnert, Marketing Manager

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